Friday, August 05, 2011

it's been one, hot summer

Of all the years I can remember being in Indiana, this year has to be the HOTTEST year ever.

But, it's been a jam-packed summer! I went to the Indianapolis 500 for the first time, and that was a lot of beer imbibed. Vacationed in Virginia for a bit. Went to Evansville for 4th of July weekend and met a couple of his fraternity brothers. Went to my boyfriend's family reunion the weekend after 4th of July, and well, met his entire family :) Went to my first country concert -- Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, and the Band Perry. Won tickets to a free Live Nation concert [Mayhem festival], which I cannot go because I'm headed out of town for a wedding the same weekend.

And this upcoming weekend, I'm going to my third wedding this year. Here's hoping I don't catch the bouquet in this one, too. At my friend's wedding in June, I had actually caught the bouquet, but I let it go and my friend's cousin got it. I've caught it once already this year (the wedding I went to in April, caught it there), and I really don't need to catch it any more - though, after this wedding, there's three more to go. My boyfriend's frat brothers are getting married left and right... all of them in October.

Job-hunting ... well, it goes.

My headaches have been less frequent (thank God), but yea... realizations come and go, but mine stay. They always stay. But you know what? Live, laugh, and love.

I'm feeling more like myself these days, but I'm not the same.