Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just a quickie

Yesterday, I finished my training, and now have to schedule an appointment for my 75 day evaluation. Exciting stuff. Who knew I'd be in healthcare? It's hard work, though. Like ridiculous hard work. But it can be rewarding in its own way. Some days, I find myself missing having a girlfriend, you know, someone to go have lunch with when my man is at the gym, or just have some girl time. But I was never the type to sit around and gossip or even talk about meaningless stuff, and yet, I do miss it. Some days. Having some nonsensical conversations about how we got stuff free or discounted is kinda fun ;) In truth, I miss the days where I don't have to think of what I want to say and just say it to a close friend that isn't my man (and he knows me in and out). Now, the girls I had in my life--- two that I'm no longer close to, not really, and we were the closest three before, and now, we are mere strangers. One is a three-hour drive, but we do talk on a constant basis. Two is where I used to live, who are both newly married. Another one in Virginia, and she is just wonderful; I miss you, Chelle. Come back soon to visit! At least, I'm glad I have some but they are a bit far away. Making new friends isn't hard. Most of my new friends are coworkers. Fascinating group of diverse people. Just miss hanging out with someone. And lately, I've been in this weird limbo of anxiousness...I'm waiting for something to happen, it seems, it's going to be big. I can just tell. Big as in I might saying "yes" ...maybe, but we've talked about it not happening now; maybe in the next few years :)