Saturday, January 29, 2011

EVEN IF you never see the person again, a significant former love remains with you. That woman or man is woven into the tapestry of your life – maybe as a subtle shading here and there, maybe as a vibrant pattern smack in the middle. Without those threads, the weaving would be something else. You would be someone else.” -from the book, If Only I Could Tell You

A scene from the movie, Serendipity.
[These characters definitely wove their threads into each other's lives via a pair of gloves.]

Thursday, January 27, 2011

fairly legal

Just saw the pilot episode of this new show on USA, and I must say that the protagonist, Kate Reed, is me. [Except she's prettier, has longer hair, and was a lawyer but now a mediator (the character, that is, not the actress)].

The girl wearing purple is Kate Reed. (And yes, she's one beautiful mediator).
 I'll be keeping an eye out on this show.

<And speaking of fairly legal, I have been doing some research into finding out what "exactly" can be considered an unauthorized practice of law... did you know that Illinois has amended one of its rules; thereby, making it into a "safe haven" of sorts for temporary practice to foreign lawyers? [take a look at Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of 2010 [recently adopted as of January  1, 2010]. It makes me wonder what kind of shenanigans supposed ethical lawyers [also legal assistants, paralegals, etc] are doing.>

Also, Archer season 2 premiered tonight! Will watch it tomorrow.

life & everything else in-between

I started a new job this year, and I'm currently working as a paralegal for a small consumer law firm. It's been overwhelming, but admittedly enough, it has also been fascinating, [&hello, information overload for my poor brain]. Second job starts in full force in February so good bye free time.... or something to that effect. /shrugs

Anyways, nothing in life is easy, and mine has been quite a ride -- those of you who know me in real life know this. I've had constant struggles with mine. Yet, amidst all of this, I still have goals in mind --- take LSAT [score expires this year] again, register for LSAC [DONE btw!], get into law school no later than 2015 so I can graduate no later than 2018 [or if I were to do part-time evenings, 2019], be a kickass rockstar lawyer, get married& maybe have a kid or two or just adopt, become a DA, achieve amazing things, and eventually, become THE Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, etc ... I can't plan too much ahead. [I'm more of an outline person myself. Penciling things in at the last moment. I feel as if my spontaneous side has come back. And it's been fun].

If I have learned anything in the last year, it's that you can never expect when something (or someone) will come into your life and change how you view it. A part of me wishes I met some people in my life sooner. To have known them sooner would have been ... rewarding.

Last year was a lot of changes and acceptance. This year has a lot of beginnings... and I'm thankful for everyone in my life. You have all made a difference in mine.