Sunday, August 10, 2014

There's this online journal

.... I keep. In fact I have a few. There's my longtime affair with Xanga. Then I was on livejournal for a stint and currently I have one on blogspot. And I do keep some "notes" on here as well for a spell ... I keep an actual notebook too but I have no ideal what suitcase it's in or box it's currently unpacked along with sketch books it is currently resting with but log story short I keep one to chronicle my thoughts and feelings and drawings and everything else - and I updated my blogspot one last night or was it this morning - hmmm. I do not think I will be doing another friends w/bens nor will I be diving into a casual - I would rather be alone than be reckless with someone's feelings - just not my cup of tea. It was fun for the short stint that it was, but really not my style. So I apologize way in advance for all the boys I'm about to friend zone in the time being because I just cannot just do the fun and games. I know my worth and to echo a picture from previous - you're just going to have to wait because as much as I enjoy and like doing the act I really don't need it - I survived without for two years and thanks for the short stint that I did have I am good to go to not having for a long time again (7/12 super moon is imprinted and will be in my memory for awhile so whomever is the next lucky dude you have to prove lol) and you're going to be more extraordinary and far more amazing, too. Hope you're up to the task. The ante has risen up. Wonder who would be up to the task at hand. Anyone willing to take the challenge?