Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Let's try something new...

Like healthcare, for example, because that is the field that I'm currently working in now. Yes, yes I know...what is a BA-English Creative-Writing yielding individual paired with several years of IT work experience doing in the field of healthcare?

I have no clear answer to that, but I do like it so far. However, the field I chose is a bit more difficult than imagined. But, it is very rewarding. Hard, but satisfactory to say the least.

And this new field that I find myself in is opening a different path, a path that I may more than willing to travel and possibly acquire new skills to be developed further, and may translate to a nursing degree...eventually.

Though, I'm curious: perhaps I can combine all fields into one someday. Truthfully, I've only been in this field for about two weeks, and the hours are long and all I want to do when I get home is be lazy, which I cannot because I'm moving next weekend to a new place, but I digress...

I guess the thing I like about this job of mine is how I get to make a difference in someone's life who knows nothing about me.

But, you know what? I never foresaw myself as a nurse. Or anywhere near the medical field. It's ...interesting.

Aside from that new job, I did touch upon it already but yes, I'm moving! To a new location yes, I'm going on an adventure, and I'm not alone. I'm going on this journey with someone, someone whom I'm glad to have on my side.