Thursday, September 22, 2011


Today is Nanay's death anniversary. My aunt Lourdes, better known as Nanay, passed away in September 22, 2004.

She had breast cancer, but beat it. However, it had spread to her lungs before any of her doctors could find it.

I remember going along with her to her treatments, being surrounded by death in that building. It's not a memory I'd like to remember because I accompanied her a lot on those visits.

And I just can't believe it has been this long...

That day will always be engraved in my head. I received the call while I was just getting out of my class... it was one of many classes that I took with Professor Garrity. And I remember collapsing in the doorway when I finally listened to the voicemail that was left to me, telling me that she had passed away.

I still get tears in my eyes.

...we miss you. I miss you, Nanay. I hope that wherever you are, you are doing okay. We wish that you were still with us.