Saturday, June 11, 2011

a little cleaning up was necessary

I deleted some entries and I might delete an entire month full of posts to be quite honest...

I started this year full of beginnings, and some of those beginnings had unforeseeable endings, but I'm still here, going strong and getting better.

I have a pocket full of hopeful dreams, and a smile that has yet to leave my face. Though, yes I have been doing a lot of pretending lately, and those who are close to me know why. Anyways, enough about that.

So, July looms rather quickly, and I have more weddings to go to with B *smiles* Personally, I like weddings; I just hope the bouquet doesn't get tossed towards me again. Or land near or on my feet. I do wonder when my wedding will happen, and I assure you, it'll happen... I just don't know when.

I want to get settled down... have a steady job that hopefully I don't hate, and a place that I can call home... perhaps someone to come home to...

I have had so many dreams of late that I can hardly wait for any of them to come true.

Does it make me a greedy person if I want it all? A career, a man I love... I want it all. But, most people put one before the other in importance whereas I want both and equally find both love and career important, and I strive for both, which really could be my downfall but it could also been seen as one of my strengths.

Right now, I'm missing home... and counting down the days until I go back.

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