Thursday, January 27, 2011

fairly legal

Just saw the pilot episode of this new show on USA, and I must say that the protagonist, Kate Reed, is me. [Except she's prettier, has longer hair, and was a lawyer but now a mediator (the character, that is, not the actress)].

The girl wearing purple is Kate Reed. (And yes, she's one beautiful mediator).
 I'll be keeping an eye out on this show.

<And speaking of fairly legal, I have been doing some research into finding out what "exactly" can be considered an unauthorized practice of law... did you know that Illinois has amended one of its rules; thereby, making it into a "safe haven" of sorts for temporary practice to foreign lawyers? [take a look at Illinois Rules of Professional Conduct of 2010 [recently adopted as of January  1, 2010]. It makes me wonder what kind of shenanigans supposed ethical lawyers [also legal assistants, paralegals, etc] are doing.>

Also, Archer season 2 premiered tonight! Will watch it tomorrow.

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  1. Is this on Hulu? I could see myself watching it, after all the tons of other stuff I need to find time for. ^_~

    And I disagree that Kate is prettier, but I suppose that's all subjective.