Thursday, January 27, 2011

life & everything else in-between

I started a new job this year, and I'm currently working as a paralegal for a small consumer law firm. It's been overwhelming, but admittedly enough, it has also been fascinating, [&hello, information overload for my poor brain]. Second job starts in full force in February so good bye free time.... or something to that effect. /shrugs

Anyways, nothing in life is easy, and mine has been quite a ride -- those of you who know me in real life know this. I've had constant struggles with mine. Yet, amidst all of this, I still have goals in mind --- take LSAT [score expires this year] again, register for LSAC [DONE btw!], get into law school no later than 2015 so I can graduate no later than 2018 [or if I were to do part-time evenings, 2019], be a kickass rockstar lawyer, get married& maybe have a kid or two or just adopt, become a DA, achieve amazing things, and eventually, become THE Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, etc ... I can't plan too much ahead. [I'm more of an outline person myself. Penciling things in at the last moment. I feel as if my spontaneous side has come back. And it's been fun].

If I have learned anything in the last year, it's that you can never expect when something (or someone) will come into your life and change how you view it. A part of me wishes I met some people in my life sooner. To have known them sooner would have been ... rewarding.

Last year was a lot of changes and acceptance. This year has a lot of beginnings... and I'm thankful for everyone in my life. You have all made a difference in mine.

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  1. I find that you can make most things happen if you really try and force it. But sometimes when you push so hard for it, something in the effort spoils the cake. Goals are fantastic, but as you said, a certain amount of spontaneity is required. That and faith that things will unfold as they should. I admire your ability to be spontaneous while still keeping your goals in sight.

    And it's funny you know, how just when you think you're down and out, someone comes along to help you pick yourself up and puts you back on the right path.

    Thank you.