Tuesday, March 01, 2011

avec moi

"I'm a greedy person.

Not in a materialistic, buy-me-expensive-stuff kind of way, but in a lavish-your-time-on-me kind of way. However, the lavishness cannot be a daily thing, I imagine. And as much as I'd like to lounge around all day with him, we would have things to do, places to be, people to meet...


When he does spend time with me, I want him to focus on me and really be spending that time with me. ......Our time spent together, the five or fifteen minutes, the hour or three, needs to be something of worth, even if all we have to say to each other are brief endearments."
[written by ecilla/Xanga] 

some happy couple ....

With that said, I do like presents and will never turn them down, but really, all I want is more time, his time. We're both busy people juggling several tasks simultaneously, but it shouldn't be so hard to free time up, right? Wrong. Because whenever either is free, the other one isn't. Or it is tempting to just keep that free time to one's self and watch a movie while sipping whiskey alone or play video games until it's bedtime... completely understandable. But still. /sighs

And the thing about time is ... it's really not free. It takes minutes to plan, moments turning into hours, days becoming weeks, etc. 

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