Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so many options, only need just one

"Do I expect too much from people? Do I have 'jerk me around' written on my forehead? All I ask of a partner is that he considers me in his future plans. Is that too hard to achieve?

I'm so tired, so disappointed in people right now. Am I to blame? After all, I'm the common denominator. I'm jaded, and maybe bitter. I hate this game."

(from mystic_sapphire's Xanga blog)

She summarized it neatly... really tired of this game. I have so many options. I only need just one. But, I concur with her, and find myself asking the same question: do I expect too much from people? Because I know I have high expectations of everyone. And am I to blame? I do seem to be common denominator.

I need someone who challenges me intellectually... intelligence is a huge turn-on for me, but I don't need someone who is an asshole about it. Arrogance is fine in small doses. I don't want someone whose ego is bigger than his head, because really who wants to be around someone like that? And I need someone who I am attracted to both physically and mentally, because not to sound shallow, but I like to know that the person I'm with takes care of himself. I don't want someone who constantly does bad things to their body [which I know I do because I drink and smoke socially] or doesn't take care of their body at all [and I'm a victim of this, too, because I don't think I don't exercise enough, and I forget to eat on a daily basis, but yea, I want someone who can take care of themselves because I will not be your mother]. And I need someone who can keep up with my pace because I will not slow down for anyone.

But, all things considered, I thought I found that someone, and well, I was wrong, so really? Do I expect too much from people?Am I to blame?

/sighs ...

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