Saturday, May 21, 2011

holy stupidity batman!

It's rapture day? ... um, yea, whatever.

Anyways, the month of June -the month of awesome- approaches. Like soon. As in after this week, it's JUNE! Lots of birthdays and general goings on-ness [quite certain that isn't a word, but it is now].

So, the last month has been filled with eye-opening changes and scandalous developments ... to be quite honest, I still care for Dr.FastandFurious but I'm doing exactly what he wants me to do, and I'm moving on. It feels nice. And crazy at the same time because of the speed of the current relationship, but it doesn't feel wrong, though, so I'm enjoying the ride. The hows and whys of how I'm still here boggles me, but again, not questioning it.

I love life. Love living each day more and more, and I end up wishing for more time. /sighs

Who knows where I'll be in the next few months. Right now, I'm enjoying the view and the journey to whatever destination I'm headed has been quite fun.

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