Saturday, July 13, 2013

It'll be Winter Soon Enough

I figured I should write since it has been about six months since I've last updated ...let's see: I love my job.I love what I do. I make a difference in someone's life every day, and it feels like I've fallen into my niche. Some things have changed -again- but that's how my life is. Full of surprises and they aren't always the best. 

In about five months or so, I will be closing the chapter known as my 20s. Tragic, right? Not really. I consider my 20s as the Learning Years. Because I have learned a lot. I got my heart broken, then stitched right back up only to get broken again. Growing pains. Gotta love 'em. Or hate 'em. I'm impartial. I remember falling in love with a group of people, only to not hang out with them any more. I took a temporary placement in an industry and work environment I would have never imagined myself to be in; and yet, that risk paid off and I reiterate -- I love my job. I love the environment, the people, and what we do in general for everyone... 

It has been a grand ride. Thought I found my co-conspirator, my partner, for future endeavors ... but I was wrong. Again. Oh well. That's life, right? You make choices, bad decisions, and all of that .... and you might feel as if the world is against you, but it's not. You can't stay down. There's always a window of opportunity opening somewhere after a door closes. 

I just know that I don't like the bar scene. I did. But I don't want to do that every night. Maybe once in a blue moon. I am sorta set in my ways, but I'm still open to suggestions. I know what I want and what I deserve. I shouldn't try to make something happen because that's what it should be. It should happen on its own accord. At its own pace. 

Some people are in a hurry to get that "normal" life.... and as much as I want someone or something ... sometimes it isn't meant to be. And yes, that hurts. Gotta keep moving forward. And continue. And all that. 

But that is what is up with my life. At the moment, I'm sad. Yet, I'm still smiling. Kinda.  

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