Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Trying this post by mobile... let's see if it works. Currently, well, thinking. /sighs I wish I can turn off certain parts of me like thinking. I think too much, feel too much, and eh, too busy these days. I never imagined being a workaholic. Lol. But, I also find myself appreciating some aspects of my life that I never really cared previously. I miss someone, though. And no, I am not talking about Dr.Fast&Furious, but yes I miss him, too... the someone I miss is me. These days, I don't know where my head is; I know where it goes and my heart comes along with.... I miss me. Today, I was called "delightful" :) speaking of today, I am tired, but the truth is, if Dr.Fast&Furious were to just text or call or just show up, I would quit being anti-social.... but I kinda like having this alone time. It's been awhile since I spent some time with myself. But, the girl in me who fancies herself in love just wants to kick it with her guy. Don't matter what we do; just want to be with him. Weird.
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