Wednesday, February 09, 2011

guess this is where my girly side comes in ...

I like receiving presents, but I like the act of giving presents even more. [Ask my friends. I just love seeing the reaction on their faces!] However, a bouquet of flowers somehow always gets to me. It gets me undone. [Also, chocolate is over-rated. I never really acquired the taste for chocolate (only when it's that time of the month, and it only lasts for one day that I crave it). Flowers to me is like what chocolate is to a normal girl.]

Vibrant colors always makes a dull day go away.
And I don't know why because when one receives a bundle of flowers, essentially one is receiving dead flowers. I know, right? Kind of depressing, but that's the fate of all flowers that are so damn beautiful that we human beings can't help, but pluck them from the nourishing earth.

A beautiful combo: tulips and orchids. Just perfect.
With that being said, I do like receiving flowers. I mean, what girl doesn't? I like the feeling that goes along with getting a bouquet of flowers to be quite honest... makes me melt a little more inside actually, especially when the flowers are from someone whom I harbor feelings for. And receiving a bouquet certainly brings a smile to my face.

Also, brownie points if the flowers happened to be my favorite* ones. /winks

*And no, roses aren't my favorite. I don't do mainstream faves it seems. Again, I never did claim to be a normal girl. I have been told what's wrong with me to not want chocolate... I just don't.

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  1. So I had a bad experience giving a girl a rose once, and have never really done the flower thing since. I guess it's developed into something of a phobia, if I give flowers it's over... probably something I should get over huh?