Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I heard a quote today...

It was,     You can judge a person by the enemies s/he makes.
"Et tu, Brute?"
... and it's making me think. I wonder what my enemies would say about me because everyone has enemies. There's no way that someone can be so loved that they don't have any enemies. And I know who some of my enemies are; some of them are people I've known my entire life. That old adage, "keep your friends close & your enemies closer" rings quite true for me. 
I think enemies help shape who we are as individuals. There's no way that every one is well-liked, and it is so much in our nature to hunger to be accepted. I think we conform too much to please every one else, and not enough rebelling is being done. I know that I went through a rebellious phase, and sometimes, I'm still fighting for who I want to be without losing ground in who I have already become.

You can easily judge someone, too, by the friends s/he have. Though, in that instance, anyone can really be called a friend. These days, I know the difference between an acquaintance and friend; it's almost as easily distinguishable in deciding who is a foe or ally. (Almost because enemies, like friends, can come in many different forms).

An acquaintance to me could be someone I've just met like striking up a conversation at the same coffee place that I frequent to during the week (for instance, my barista at Starbucks on Stop 11; he would be an acquaintance to me, not quite friend), or a coworker at a new job. Not quite friends, and certainly not enemies. You're still at the playground, where kindergartners -those messy, pick your noses 4 or 5 year olds- learn how to share, and well, become best friends just because you have the same color bow in your hair [true story: though, she's married now and lives happily down under with her husband; one of these days, I'll make my way to the Outback so she can teach me some Aussie slang :winks:] ... where was I? I digressed there. Oops.

But, I think you get the point that I'm trying [ha, not even attempting now] to make.

Everyone we meet in our daily activities has the potential to be a catalyst in our lives. Whether it's friend or foe, someone's way of thinking may rub you the wrong one. Or perhaps, incite an answering passion in you and you wonder where the hell have they've been your entire life. (I've often wondered about this in my life, referring to some people I've come across lately. Still haven't quite figured that out, and a part of me is fine with not knowing, but the other not-so quiet part is eagerly awaiting answers, answers that may never come into fruition.)
I often wonder how many people have met their opposites [or if you want to be romantic about it, soul-mate] and thought to themselves, "Is this person standing across from me a potential confidante or are they going to stab me in the back some day?"

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