Monday, February 14, 2011

it's just another day ...

"All alone in my arms I hold such beauty
I want time to stop right here
make perfection last forever
in which I could disappear, disappear."
-Too Much for One Heart sung by Lea Salonga

Happy Valentine's Day

Though, it's not a real holiday by any means... unless you're celebrating the massacre that happened on February 14, 1929 ... seven people murdered in Chicago, so yes, if you are celebrating that, well, red is the right color for the occasion as their blood did color the streets [Saint Valentine's Day Massacre]. Other than that, this day is really just another day, but Hallmark as well as numerous chocolate companies make bank on this day [as do jewelry stores for many guys buy their gals/SOs/wifeys gifts]. 

For me, well, I haven't had a great experience on this day. 

My ex-fiance back in 2004 took me to an Italian restaurant, and I remember getting sick from the food there. My ex-boyfriend W and I never really spent this day together because we were in a long-distance relationship so ... other not-so serious boyfriends gave me chocolate, which I always accepted but not always eaten because well, I don't like chocolate. 

Oh! W did give me a single rose once, and my ex-fiance gave me a bouquet of yellow roses, too, and I really like receiving flowers, but really? Roses? So cliche. And so not my favorite flowers in the world. I've gotten teddy bears as well and really cute cards. Overall, it's a so-so holiday full of consumerism and not a lot of feeling, and that's what I want. I want the romance behind the not-so holiday, but with my busy schedule and the fact that I feel incredibly tired after a work day, the last thing on my mind is to pretty up, dress stunningly, and go out on the town. Though, I could do that if asked. I'd rather just throw on a pair of jammies, put a movie in the player, and kick back with my guy. Cuddling is a must, though, especially if I haven't seen my guy for a period of time. /smiles 

Anyways, for those of you who are celebrating, have a great time with your significant other! Time spent together is important.

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