Friday, February 18, 2011

just a friendly reminder ...


1. Honesty is the best policy. (It really is. So, if you're asked a question, like "does this make me look fat," say so. True it may hurt, but hey, at least we know you're telling the truth. Don't sugarcoat anything. An honest man is better than a lying one.)
2. Learn to listen. (Don't pretend you're listening. REALLY listen. You learn more about the opposite gender if you actually pay attention and not be distracted. Ignorance is NOT bliss.)
3. Construct your sentences correctly. (Abbreviations are nice and all, but it removes meaning when phrases like "I love you" becomes "ily" ...just saying. Also, double negatives are bad, and ending sentences in a preposition is wrong, but no one really cares these days.)
4. Never underestimate a woman. (Women underestimate themselves on a daily basis. I underestimate myself all the time, but that's me. Just remember that we already do it to ourselves, so we don't need you to do the same.
5. Never disrespect a woman's intelligence. (With number 4 paving the way, number 5 is redundant, but seriously, don't disrespect. True, we may have our dumb moments, but that doesn't mean we're stupid. We know we're smart; we tend to downplay our own intelligence because some men are intimidated by it.)
6. Give us compliments, but don't blow smoke. (When you compliment, mean it. Say what you mean, not what you think we want to hear. Be upfront, direct. HONEST.)

7. Always give your 110% at EVERYTHING! (This may be a tall order, but do your best in everything you possibly can. Ambition and self-confidence are turn-ons; just don't be arrogant about it.)
8. Be understanding. (Be the one person we can count on for anything [just don't take murder assignments ;)], be the one person we can go to when we just need someone to hold us because it's been a shitty day... just be you, and no one else.)
9. Do not try so hard ... it will come.

10. Be yourself!

(and if you take meds,... TAKE THEM ON TIME!) ;)

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