Friday, April 22, 2011

my most dearest wish

You would think would be that my head would stop throbbing, which I guess it could be that but my most dearest wish isn't that...

Those who are close to me, closest to my heart, knows what it is... too bad it may never happen with how things are going for me. I feel as if I'm very light these days, that a strong wind can pick me up and blow me over.

That doesn't appeal to me, but it's how things are, I guess. I used to have an anchor, but ... I don't know.

I put up this strong front that I'm okay, that things will get better. I'm trying to hold myself together so the people around me who I care for won't feel what I'm feeling, but it does slip out. And I wish I knew how I could make it better, but I don't know how so instead, I float alongside the current to see where it may lead me, when all I want is ...


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